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KMACS 5 With Communications



  • Manual KMACS-5 Complete
    This is your operations and maintenance manual. It is a writable USB flash drive which enables you to add or subtract the manual PDF sections as they are updated or when you purchase new Kirby Morgan products.
  • Battery Charger Assembly



400-045 KMACS 5 No communications: 46 pounds
400-046 KMACS 5 w/ communications: 57 pounds

Shipping Weight:

The same

Outer Dimensions:

Length = 21 inches


17 1/2 inches

Operational Specifications & Limitations:


For SS Air diving only. Pure oxygen MUST NOT be used. Compressed air from high pressure tanks (scuba or other types of compressed air tanks), or from a compressor should be the only supply to the KMACS 5.

Recommended Maximum Dive Support Depth:

130 fsw (feet of sea water) (40 meters).

High Pressure Supply Pressure Maximum:

3500 psi (240 bars) using the DIN fitting.
3000 psi (200 bars) using the yoke.

Low Pressure Supply Pressure Maximum:

225 pounds per square inch. (15.5 bars)

Umbilical Pressure Range:

115-225 pounds per square inch. (8-15.5 bars)

Regulator Output:

40 SCFM at 2500 psi (172 bars) supply pressure with 150 psi (10.3 bars) delivery pressure.

Relief Valve:

Set at 300 psi (20.7 bars).

Pneumo fathometer Range:

0-250 FSW (feet of sea water) (0-76 meters).

Communicator: 4 wire system.

Can also be used in 2 wire mode.

Battery Type:

Rechargeable, 12 volt system.

Battery Performance:

20 hours of continuous use between charges in 4 wire mode.


Will accept external 12 volt source.

Communicator Power Output:

8 watts.

Communicator Frequency Response:

600 to 12,000 HZ.

Remote Operation Capability:

Yes, with optional unit.

Direct Recording Capability: