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M-48 MOD-1


Mod1 Top Tab

  • M-48 Mod-1 User Guide
  • Logbook w/ pen
  • Hi Flow Air Inlet Swivel
    The high flow swivel allows the regulator hose to move freely and align with the mask without put-ting stress on the hose coupling. It uses standard SCUBA threads for incoming breathing air. The Inlet Swivel is CE approved for the M-48 with CE approved regulators. The Inlet Swivel is provided with masks that are sold with a Kirby Morgan® second stage regulator.
  • KMDSI Storage Bag

    Let your Bail out rig ride in style with the Kirby Morgan storage bag.

    A durable, embroidered Kirby Morgan logo is emblazoned on the front.

    Oversized heavy duty zippers and a reinforced rubber handle grip to match.

    Grommet drain holes in the bottom and mesh side and front vents keep your contents dry and breathing.

    A convenient second compartment can comfortably fit your dive and maintenance log, passport , phone and regulator tools, with plenty of room to spare.

    The design is finished off with nylon padded walls to protect your contents.

    Dimensions: 9" (22.8 cm) width × 11" (27.9 cm) height × 6.5" (16.5 cm) depth

CE Logo



2.81 Pounds

Mask Frame:

High Performance/Impact Engineering Thermoplastic


Tempered Glass




The MOD-1 purchased with a balanced SCUBA 2nd stage demand regulator. If your mask was not supplied with a KMDSI regulator installed by the factory, you will need to have an acceptable regulator installed in the pod.

CR Standards:

These masks meet or exceeds all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.

Surface-Supplied Open Circuit:

The mask should only be used for surface-supplied diving by divers trained and qualified in surface-supplied techniques and procedures. A fully functional emergency gas supply system and body harness must always be used when diving the Mod-1 or any of the KMDSI full-face masks models in the surface-supplied mode. When using this mask in countries that conform to CE standards the mask must only be used with components that have been CE certified. The maximum recommended recreational diving depth for the Mod-1 with open circuit scuba is 130 FSW (39 msw).